Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief General Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar had nothing but praises for a novice cop who helped a woman in critical condition after giving birth in Leyte.

Patrolman Reymar Francisco Casiano, who’s a member of the Baybay City Police Station, didn’t hesitate to donate blood to the female patient, who was rushed to the Immaculate Conception Hospital due to complications after giving birth.

The woman had very low hemoglobin count due to postpartum hemorrhage and required immediate blood transfusion.

After learning of the woman’s condition, Casiano traveled to the hospital located in Ormoc City and willingly donated his blood to the patient.

Eleazar described Casiano as having the right attitude and is someone who other police officers should aspire to be. 

“This is a good character displayed by a rookie policeman. I am happy for his selfless act of donating blood and I hope that he will continue doing good deeds to the people in need,” he said

Eleazar hopes that Casiano’s selfless act will inspire others in the police force to do good deeds and continue to serve the Filipino public. 

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Image credit: Prabin Ranabhat / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images