Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso has allocated Php 5-billion in funding for the modernization of three public schools in the city. 

On Sunday, Domagoso announced his educational plan wherein he named the schools that will share the funding. 

About Php 2 billion was allotted to the Dr. Alejandro Albert Elementary School, Php 1.9 billion was given to Rosauro Almario Elementary School, and the Manila Science High School received Php 1.3 billion. 

According to the city mayor, channeling funding into the education sector is important in addressing the concerns of distance education during the pandemic. 

“We will take our adversity in our advantage. We will prepare for the next 10-15 years of population growth because it was high time that these facilities were utilized,” Domagoso said.

As part of its efforts to support students during the pandemic, Manila has approved the procurement of 60,820 computer tablets for newly enrolled public school students. 

In addition, Php 120,600,000 has been funneled to four months’ worth of connectivity for about 201,000 K-12 students, and about Php 5 million for teachers’ training.

Domagoso has also prepared a fund of Php 60,532,256 to accommodate the expected influx of enrollees for the next school year. 

According to him, Manila schools should be open to every Filipino student wherever they may reside. 

“As we believe in education for all, Manila schools must be open for children wherever they live,” Domagoso emphasized.

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Image credit: Photo by Jay Directo / AFP via Getty Images