Filipino art collective Project Prism: Color Your World has set up a fundraiser to help raise awareness and support art education for students in Pasay City, specifically those who are from public schools.

The 40-member group will be holding an art sale and has opened its door to commissions to raise funds, which they will use to provide art kits and workshops for students.

The organization is also planning to distribute tech kits to teachers to make art education more efficient and easier. Online streaming workshops will also be arranged for the educators to help them adapt to the virtual-teaching setup. 

According to Project Representative Whaqyn Olalia, there’s a lack of focus on the arts when it comes to the Philippines’ education system. And he hopes that this initiative will serve as a stepping stone for the creation of accessible art programs for Filipino students.

“Something that’s missing in our public education system is a focus on the arts,” Olalia told Good News Pilipinas. 

“The importance of artists hasn’t registered in our culture yet, so it blocks off a huge chunk of students who aren’t getting their specialties catered to,” he added. 

The fundraiser will run until July 31, and those interested in supporting the cause can go to Project Prism‘s Official Facebook page to buy art prints, commission artworks, or directly sponsor a kit. 

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Image credit: Project Prism: Color Your World