Although the threat of COVID-19 has started to subside around the world in the last few months, the pandemic is expected to make a comeback through new variants of the coronavirus.

At present, the Delta variant, which was first observed in India, is at the top of the watch list. This mutated virus is described as being more transmissible, causes more severe symptoms, and supposedly affects a much younger demographic. 

However, a possible solution to the predicament has arrived, specifically in the form of Johnson&Johnson’s (J&J) single-shot COVID-19 vaccine – Janssen. 

According to a report released by the company on Thursday, their jab is effective against the Delta variant. The company notes that their shot gives eight-month protection from the mutation. 

Eight people who were inoculated with the J&J vaccine showed significant resistance to the Delta variant, specifically their immune system.

In a second study conducted at Boston’s Beth Israel Medical Center, 20 people were injected with the Janssen jab and showed a similar immune response. 

The research’s data was then sent to bioRxiv, a free online site for unpublished scientific studies where authors can publicize their findings immediately to the scientific community and receive feedback on draft manuscripts before being submitted to journals.

In an official statement, J&J’s Chief Scientific Officer Paul Stoffels said their “vaccine offers durable protection against COVID-19 and elicits neutralizing activity against the Delta variant.”

Head of Janssen Research & Development at Johnson & Johnson Mathai Mammen shared that their eight-month study on the Janssen vaccine showed that it “generates a strong neutralizing antibody response that does not wane; rather, we observe an improvement over time.”

The Delta variant of COVID-19 has been blamed for India’s second and more deadly infection surge in April and May of this year.

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Image credit: Patrick van Katwijk / BSR Agency / Getty Images