Sixty-five Filipino students are making their way to Europe after successfully acquiring scholarships under the European Union’s Erasmus+ Program.

Erasmus+ allows students taking their MA or Ph.D. to study in more than one European Union member state, which gives “them the opportunity to benefit from the academic expertise and culture of more than one university,” the EU Delegation to the Philippines said yesterday (July 29).

According to the announcement, the 65 scholarship awardees will be sent off on August 5 through an online ceremony. 

EU Ambassador Luc Véron said the Philippines is among the top 10 countries when it comes to Erasmus+ scholars, a feat that’s been unchanged since 2004. In Asia, it currently holds the top-most spot for most scholars. 

“I congratulate the new Erasmus scholars as they depart for the EU campuses starting this August. Make the most out of your Erasmus journey and take pride in your Filipino heritage,” Véron shared.

“I encourage you to become agents of social change and transformation for the Philippines and to become goodwill ambassadors for the partnership and friendship between the EU and the Philippines,” he added.

The EU Delegation said the program “gives life-changing opportunities for Filipino students to experience living the European culture, learning European languages, and being integrated into the European society for one to two years.”

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Image credit: European Union