Filipino band UDD’s full performance of ‘Paagi,’ the official theme song for Filipino-made animated series ‘Trese,’ has officially been released by US streaming giant Netflix.

The band, formerly known as Up Dharma Down, initially performed the tune during Netflix’s “Before Midnight,” a countdown program organized for the release of Budjette Tan’s series, which dropped on June 11.

UDD’s set for the performance incorporated elements from the hit series, specifically the sigil flashed throughout the video, a trademark of heroine Alexandra Trese.

To make things eerier, the band performed in front of ghostly figures – similar in appearance to beings that were featured in ‘Trese.’

Throughout the number, scenes from the series were also flashed, specifically parts that featured Alexandra.

The release of ‘Paagi’ follows after Netflix’s other marketing strategies to promote the series, which included the changing of ABS-CBN’s logo to the fictional ABC-ZNN network in ‘Trese.’

Netflix also released billboards before the series went on-air, which were supposedly vandalized by supernatural beings in the Philippines.

UDD was formed in 2004. The group has released four albums since its inception, specifically Fragmented, Bipolar, Capacities, and U D D. The group consists of vocalist and keyboardist Armi Millare, lead guitarist Carlos Tañada, drummer Ean Mayor, and Paul Yap, who plays the bass.

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Image credit: Netflix Philippines’ Official Youtube Channel