McDonald crew members all around the Philippines are dancing to the tune of BTS, a move teasing the upcoming meal collaboration between the international fast-food chain and one of Korea’s top boybands.

The antic proved to be effective on social media as netizens showered the new dancing challenge with praises, especially BTS fans in the Philippines who call themselves ARMYs.

The collaboration will see McDo drop a handful of food products dedicated to the Kpop group.

It will include McDo’s iconic Chicken McNuggets, fries, and two special sauces – all of which will be packaged in the group’s trademark purple color and logo.

The partnership between McDo and BTS will drop on June 18 in the Philippines.

Besides the Philippines, McDo will be dropping the BTS-inspired meal in other countries such as the United States, Malaysia, Brazil, and others.

As part of the collaboration, BTS also dropped McDonald-inspired merchandise on their WeVerse shop.

The collection includes pieces like hoodies, purple bathrobes, socks, and sandals.

Photo from McDo Philippines

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Image credit: McDo Philippines