President Rodrigo Duterte has nominated his spokesperson, Harry Roque, to join the International Law Commission (ILC), a United Nations organization consisting of international law experts.

Roque announced his nomination for the body on Thursday (June 17), noting it could not have happened without President Duterte.

“It is something that could not have happened without the President’s say-so,” he said during a press briefing event.

Roque, who was a former human rights lawyer, is among 11 others nominated for the post in the Asia Pacific Region.

Out of these nominees, only eight will be elected in the region – the advisory issued by the United Nations on the International Law Commission, the United Nations General Assembly read.

Elected members will serve for five years and will be eligible for reelection once their term is finished.

Roque noted that his candidacy in the ILC will not affect his run in the 2022 elections if he ever pursues it.

“They (members of the International Law Commission) only meet twice a year, one in Geneva [Switzerland] and one in New York. They are not employed full time,” Roque explained.

“This is a voluntary undertaking and does not affect the Senate or any other office I may occupy,” he added.

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Image credit: Dondi Tawatao via Getty Images