The Philippine National Police’s Barangayanihan Program has reached the province of Negros Occidental, providing food to those living in isolated areas of the region’s northern side.

Police officers organized two food bank drives in the city of San Carlos on June 26, specifically in Sitio Tunga, Barangay Palampas, and in Sitio Guindalian, Barangay Guadalupe.

A total of 50 households were able to benefit from the initiative, whose homes were located in the much-secluded area of the province.

Deputy for Administration of San Carlos City Police Station (CPS) Lt. Roby Aurita said they decided to extend help to those in far-flung regions of Negros Occidental after delivering food packages to nearby sitios.

Aurita noted that their program is actively seeking areas to assist, particularly those that are harder to reach.

“Our mobile ‘Barangayanihan’ goes around and we visited outlying sitios (sub-villages) that we were not able to reach before,” she explained.

The beneficiaries of the food drive received food packages containing rice, eggs, instant noodles, and vegetables – collected from donations gathered by the police station’s personnel.

According to Aurita, they’re looking forward to helping more families through the Barangayanihan initiative, mentioning they’ve received tremendous support from the local government for their program.

“The city government is also very supportive of the ‘Barangayanihan’ so we look forward to helping more families,” she said.

Through the program, CPS has helped 789 people in different barangays. In total, they’ve conducted 12 food drives since the program starteded in April 2021.

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Image credit: San Carlos City Police Station