Global internet speed index Ookla reported a significant increase in the Philippines’ internet speed for the second quarter of 2021. 

In its latest report, the internet speed testing company said the country experienced a 19.10 percent increase in broadband internet speed for May alone, which translates to a fixed broadband speed of 58.73Mbps.

The consistent increase in broadband internet speeds has been linked to telcos’ continuous investment in laying down fiber optic cables across the Philippines. 

Key telco player Smart has expanded its fiber-optic network to 497,700 cable kilometers. Converge was able to lay down 260,030 kilometers of cable while Globe currently has 72,573 kilometers. 

On the other hand, newcomer DITO has set up 16,020 kilometers of fiber-optic networks. The company, formerly known as Mislatel, will be entering the broadband internet market next year.

Apart from broadband internet speed gains, Oookla also recorded a drastic increase in the Philippines’ mobile internet speeds. As of May 2021, mobile internet speed in the Philippines is at 31.97Mbps, which is a 9.80 percent improvement from April’s 29.12Mbps. 

The speed gain has been attributed to the Duterte administration’s rationalized issuance of LGU permits to telcos, which allowed for the building of more towers – expanding range and coverage.

Since streamlining procedures in 2020, the government has issued a total of  6,451 permits to telecommunication companies in the country – a 294 percent increase to 2019’s total of 1,636.

At present, the Philippines has a total of 24,614 cellular towers nationwide. Globe owns 10,941 of the towers, while Smart has 10,433, and DITO has 3,240.

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Image credit: Ookla’s Official Website