If you’re an active social media user, then you must have come across a viral post making the rounds yesterday featuring Jollibee’s famous chickenjoy – albeit not in a manner that brings about joy.

On Wednesday, Facebook user Alique Perez shared the ordeal she experienced when she ordered at the popular chicken joint.

In her post, Perez revealed that instead of fried chicken, she received a ‘towel’ in place of the chickenjoy she ordered – battered and fried to look like the real thing.

Perez said the experience is both ’embarassing and disgusting.’ She also expressed concern over hygiene, noting other chicken products might have been contaminated. 

“Now I can’t even think of the other chickenjoys na kasama while frying this. Having the same oil for how many hours after frying this FRIED TOWEL,” she said. 

“Ano pa kaya kasabay ng mga chickenjoy natin? You may get your chickenjoy pero baka may kasabay nang towel. The essence of the towel contaminated the oil and the batter from the supplier so how many chickenjoys are affected? We won’t know…,” Perez added. 

A day after the incident caused a frenzy on social networks, Jollibee issued a statement. 

According to the fast-food chain, they’ve already investigated the unfortunate incident, which took place at a franchised store in Bonifacio Global City. 

“This concerns the customer complaint on food ordered late evening of June 1 from a franchised store in Bonifacio Global City. We are deeply concerned about this matter and have conducted thorough investigation on the incident,” the food chain said.

In its official statement, Jollibee said they’re closing the store down for three days and will thoroughly review the branch’s adherence to its standard food preparation procedures. 

“It is unfortunate that deviations from Jollibee’s standard food preparation procedures occurred on the part of certain personnel of the store,” Jollibee said. 

“As a result of this incident, we have directed the Jollibee Bonifacio – Stop Over branch to close for three days starting tomorrow, June 3, to thoroughly review its compliance with procedures and retrain its store team to ensure that this will not happen again,” the popular Filipino joint explained. 

Before ending its statement, Jollibbe assured customers that they will be issuing reminders to all stores to ensure the incident will not occur again. 

“We will also send out reminders to all stores to ensure the strict adherence to Jollibee’s food preparation systems,” the company said.

“Jollibee has carefully developed and complied with food preparation systems to ensure that we deliver excellent quality products and customer satisfaction. We will continue to endeavor to deliver on the high standards we have set for ourselves and our franchisees.” 

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Image credit: Alique Perez’s Official Facebook Page; Romeo Gacad /AFP via Getty Images