Globe Telecommunications said it will take legal action against those who continue to tamper and resell their wifi modems as DITO products.

In a statement, the telco shared that unscrupulous individuals are unlocking their devices and replacing the Globe SIM card with a DITO one. The modems are then rebranded – with the company’s trademark hidden – and sold to unsuspecting customers. 

“The modus is done through the unauthorized unlocking of the Globe device, substituting the Globe SIM with a DITO Telecommunity SIM and concealing the Globe At Home trademark with a sticker of DITO,” said Globe Spokesperson Yolanda Crisanto.

“We are prepared to take the necessary legal action against these unscrupulous individuals and establishments carrying out these deceptive business practices, through the assistance of law enforcement authorities,” Crisanto explained further.

DITO Chief Administrative Officer Adel Tamano has denied links to the illegal reselling of Globe’s modems. 

“It has come to our attention that there are so-called Dito-branded modems that are being sold online. Let me take this opportunity to assure the public that the unauthorized use of the Dito branding in any form shall result in the possibility of prosecution for intellectual property infringement,” Tamano said.

DITO has yet to offer modems or pocket WiFi devices to its customers. At present, the company is working on expanding its network by building infrastructure.

Crisanto urged the public to immediately report the illegal sale of their products to the Department of Trade and Industry Consumer Protection Group and to contact Globe. 

“In addition, we are reminding the public to buy only from legitimate Globe At Home stores, authorized dealers and online sites to ensure quality and service guarantee,” she said.

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Image credit: Globe’s Official Website