Apart from confusion, the viral RC Cola advertisement released back in 2020 has given the Filipino people another thing, a Bronze medal at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

According to independent agency GIGIL, which is responsible for the mind-bending cola ad titled ‘Family,’ the advertisement gave them their first-ever Cannes Lions trophy under the Film category. 

“GIGIL snatched a bronze in ‘Film,’ one of the toughest categories of the Festival. Big thanks to our RC Cola clients who believed in the idea, and our production partners Arcade Film Factory, Riot, Barebones, and Hit Productions,” the Filipino ad agency shared on their Facebook page. 

GIGIL’s controversial ad was released late last year, dumfounding a lot of Filipinos online and causing all sorts of debate about the real message behind it. But to this day, we’re sure that no one has been able to solve it. 

Due to its viral appeal, the video has been featured on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” specifically a segment where it showcased ‘weird’ commercials from all over the world. 

After that thought-provoking story, GIGIL has gone on to create other eye-catching and unconventional campaigns for other brands like Orocan, Danes Cheese, and most recently Netflix’s ‘Trese.”

Its founders Badong Abesamis and Herbert Hernandez have also been featured at Adweek’s Creative 100 list, a first for creatives in the Philippines. 

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Image credit: GIGIL’s Official Youtube Channel