Technology company Dyson is eyeing the Philippines as the potential site for its next R&D Center, the Board of Investments (BOI) confirms.

BOI Managing Head and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Undersecretary Ceferino S. Rodolfo announced the UK manufacturer’s plan during the “Philippines and Switzerland: Investing Together for a Better Future” virtual business forum on Wednesday (June 16).

The event was organized by the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry, the Board of Investments, the Philippines-Swiss Business Council, and the Swiss Embassy in Manila in coordination with Switzerland Global Enterprise and the Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce.

According to Rodolfo, they’re now in full-blown discussions with Dyson about the project.

“Now, we are in discussion for a full blown R&D Center here in the Philippines,” Rodolfo shared.

Rodolfo noted that even though the pandemic was at its height last year in the country, Dyson remained unfazed and announced its intent to expand in the Philippines.

“Just last year, even at the height of the pandemic, they announced their expansion into software with plans to further strengthen research and development from the Philippines,” he said.

Though hesitant at first, Rodolfo said Dyson is happy with the results it’s getting in the Philippines, specifically when it comes to mass manufacturing.

“Initially they were just looking at one line, because they were not too confident about the human resource skill in the Philippines and our ability to do mass manufacturing. But they were so happy about the result that right now, I think we are now their biggest production base, globally, but not only that, they have gone on to also go into product prototyping and also product development,” he explained.

Rodolfo is encouraging companies like Dyson to ‘look at the Philippines’ and develop the potential that it has.

He mentioned that the country’s low tariffs, access to markets, and adherence to intellectual property protection will be attractive traits for international corporations.

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Image credit: Simon Dawson / Bloomberg via Getty Images