The Quezon City Regional Trial Court has come out with a verdict on the petition filed by Viva Artist Agency against actress Nadine Lustre regarding her contract.

The court has ordered Lustre to honor her contract with Viva and complete her obligations with the agency. Under the resolution, cited by Bandera in its June 14 report, Lustre is not allowed to take projects from other companies without permission from the agency. 

“Petitioner (Viva) has established its unequivocal right arising from the subject Revised Agency and Management Agreement,” the resolution said. 

“It has established that respondent (Lustre) contracted with them to act as sole and exclusive manager for respondent’s exercise of profession in the show business.”

The court also stated that even though Lustre was a minor when she entered the contract with Viva, her parents were with her during the signing. 

“The contracts entered into by Nadine with Viva were executed with the assistance and presence of her parents at the time she was a minor. Nadine’s contracts with Viva mutually benefitted from their contractual relationship,” the court said. “The contract between the parties is the law between them and Nadine cannot take the law into her own hands and unilaterally terminate her contract with VIVA.”

According to Viva’s lawyer, Atty. Paolo Roxas, the ruling prevents the 29-year-old actress ‘from entering into and/or performing contracts involving her services as an artist/endorser, without the consent and participation of Viva.’

“As provided by her contract, any issue raise by Nadine against Viva should be the subject of arbitration proceedings,” Roxas added.

Lustre started her relationship with Viva Artist Agency in 2009 and was supposed to be with the management until 2029. 

In January 2020, Atty. Lorna Kapunan, who serves as Lustre’s legal counsel, issued a statement concerning the issue. According to Kapunan, Lustre can opt not to finish her contract with Viva, citing Article 1920, Civil Code of the Philippines.

“The principal may revoke the agency at will, and compel the agent to return the document evidencing the agency,” the article said. 

Since then, Lustre has been ‘self-managed and has been directly looking after her affairs.

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Image credit: Nadine Lustre’s Official Instagram Page