Aviation company Yugo is planning to expand its operations in the Philippines after successfully growing its customer base in the country in less than a year. 

In a press release, the company said their growth in the country persisted even with the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Currently, Yugo has been expanding in the Philippines and has been growing its local Filipino customers in less than a year amid the ongoing health crisis,” Yugo said. 

Yugo, a private aviation company, provides chartered flights via helicopters and business jets through its air mobility platform, which connects Southeast Asia to the whole of Asia-Pacific.

“With only a few clicks and based on their preferences, users are able to request or search flight of private jets and helicopters from a curated inventory of available flights and routes,” the company explained. 

At present, Yugo offers its services to 150 locations in Asia, boasting over 50 active aircraft from Gulfstream, Bombardier, Cessna Textron Aviation, and Dassault Aviation, among others.

Though they’re doing fairly well for an aviation company during the pandemic, Yugo Chief Executive Officer Jim Baldy admitted that the coronavirus crisis tested the company’s resilience. 

“We have adjusted our value proposition as well as our hospitality and butler services to best serve our customers in the most flexible, safe and secured way possible. And with all the obstacles and difficulties we faced due to the pandemic, we had to find ways to innovate and move forward through 2020 and 2021,” Baldy shared.

According to Yugo Commercial Operations Manager Camille Ngo, the company will continue to evolve to address the needs of its Filipino customers and the industry.

“We are evolving together with the industry towards a more sustainable approach to improve aviation as a whole, taking into account environmental aspects and societal responsibility,” she said.

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Image credit: Yugo’s Official Facebook Page