Chinese smartphone manufacturer Infinix has grown its presence in the Philippines even with the pandemic taking root in the country. 

As part of its plan to further expand its influence in the Philippines, Infinix aims to target the growing gaming industry in the country. 

Infinix Philippines Country Manager Cooper Ma said their company has achieved steady growth even with the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic present in the country. 

“Infinix has managed to achieve stellar growth in the Philippines despite constraints caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Ma said in a statement.

Infinix is now among the top five best-selling smartphones in the Philippines’ peak e-commerce sites. This year, Infinix aims to climb to the top and is planning to establish 4000 outlets across the archipelago.

“We came at the right time as the country’s predominantly young population is becoming even more dependent on digital technologies for productivity, creativity, utility, and entertainment. They appreciate our wide line-up of smartphones that support their lifestyles, passions, and aspirations without breaking the bank,” Ma explained. 

According to Ma, they plan to further take advantage of this trend through the introduction of their latest smartphone model, the Hot10s, which is a budget gaming smartphone.

The Hot10s, which comes in two variants (4GB+64GB, 6GB+128GB), boasts powerful features typically found in higher-end phones. However, it only retails between Php 5,990 and Php 6,990. 

Although Infinix caters to a varied demographic, PR Manager of Infinix Joseph Cernitchez says they’re trying to focus on a younger audience, specifically Generation Z. 

“These young consumers are digital natives for whom technology is an integral part of daily life. They don’t just rely on it to make their lives easier but also harness it to unlock new ways of engagement and employment. At Infinix, we want to provide them with the tools that meet their needs and fulfill their potential,” he explained.

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Image credit: Infinix Global’s Official Instagram Page