If you’ve seen the toy figurines of Dolphy’s character Johnny Banayad in the film ‘Father & Son’ as well as John Lloyd Cruz’s Popoy in ‘One More Chance’ circling social media as of late, then you’ve probably traced it back to Filipino artisan Gooeyduck.

The toy-maker, who’s known as Pato P, went viral earlier this week for his bootleg sculptures, which people have compared to western toy collectibles Funko Pop.

However, what makes Pato’s work truly stand out above others is that it’s based on popular Pinoy characters. Here are some of his most popular works to date:

Apart from Pinoy pop culture, Pato also ventures into the untapped potential of Filipino folklore – partnering it with relatable wit and humor.

According to Pato, his work is heavily inspired by his love of Pinoy culture as well as his predisposition to anything related to fun. 

“What you see on my social media accounts are all handmade figures I made for fun. All of them inspired by my love of pop culture and an ode to the Filipino culture,” Pato said in an interview with PhilStar

And for those wondering, yes, Pato sells his work. But because of the intricacy of his figurines, supply is often limited and pieces are all one-of-a-kind at present. 

“I sell some of my figures, but the availability depends if I have the time or if I’m in the mood,” he said jokingly. 

However, those interested in getting their hands on a ‘mini me’ of their beloved Pinoy fictional character should fret not. 

Pato said he’s going to release more of his works soon. 

“There are more Pinoy characters that I have in mind, but you’ll have to wait and see until I release them. To order, just shoot me a message on my Facebook or Instagram account (gooeyduckph),” he shared. 

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Image credit:  Gooeyduck’s Official Facebook Page