Moderna Inc. is planning to expand the use of its COVID-19 vaccine on children aged 12 to 17 years old. 

The company will be filing approval requests to health regulators in the US and other countries for the use of their vaccine, which has been found to be effective in adolescents after trials.

According to the vaccine manufacturer, their anti-coronavirus jab produced a similar immune response in children observed in a study of adults last year, who were given the same shots.

Moderna said the study suggests that the vaccine has 100 percent efficacy in adolescents – none of the participants developed symptomatic COVID-19. However, the company notes that a few of the 3,700 children involved got sick.

The biotechnology firm says they plan to request the use of their vaccine in June. 

If proven safe for use, the Moderna anti-COVID jab will be the second vaccine approved for use in children in the US after Pfizer’s.

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine was approved for emergency use in children 12 to 15 years old early in May. 

The vaccine from Pfizer underwent a month-long clearing process before it was given an emergency use authorization from the FDA – and the same timeframe could be applied to Moderna’s shot.

According to health experts, inoculating children against COVID-19 is a significant step in returning to normalcy. The strategy will ensure that children will not develop severe symptoms of COVID-19 and lessen the likelihood of the virus spreading amongst children in schools and other similar settings.

Moderna’s COVID-19 was first approved for use in adults aged 18 years old and up in December of 2020

In March, a study found that Moderna and Pfizer’s vaccines were 90 percent effective in preventing COVID infections in a real-world settings.

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Image credit: Kyodo News via Getty Images