Ride-hailing apps are now part of the norm when it comes to transportation in the Philippines – be it for traveling or delivering goods. 

However, most of the vehicles used for popular transport apps are either motorcycles or four-wheeled cars – and that’s what PARA is trying to change. 

PARA is a new ride-hailing application that aims to utilize tricycles for their service. The company wants to offer tricycle drivers the chance to earn extra and encourage ‘colorum’ or illegal transport providers to legally register. 

According to the company, its PARA Traysikel offers a safer alternative for travel when it comes to tricycles as it has a set pay per kilometer fare – which they say will put an end to ‘haggling.’

Besides this, the app will also provide the PARA Bili service – allowing users to have groceries delivered to their doorstep. 

In an interview with Manila Bulletin, PARA Applications Inc. President and CEO Atty. Gamaliel Taqued said they’re already negotiating with various local government units (LGUs) in the country, particularly those in Luzon. 

To protect their drivers, PARA’s Chief Operations Officer Jovan Ortega says they’ll be providing ‘health and insurance assistance’ to members. 

“PARA will also provide health and insurance assistance to members aside from the benefits that drivers will be earning every booking transaction,” Ortega shared. 

Taqued said they want to register at least 10 percent of the tricycle driver population in the Philippines.

“We are targeting at least 10% of the tricycle driver population in the country to be part of PARA,” he revealed. 

PARA was developed in 2015 but launched three years after in 2018. It’s available for download on Google Play, the App Store, and on AppGallery. 

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Image credit: PARA’s Official Website