Designers all over the Philippines have banded together in support of the country’s candidate for Miss Universe 2020 – Rabiya Mateo.

A total of 100 Filipino fashion designers cooperated to create a digital stylebook for the 24-year-old pageant representative. The OOTD (Outfit of the Day) snaps will be curated on Mateo’s Instagram page – one at a time – until the main competition on May 17, 2021.

Among the designers featured in the stylebook is LA-based fashion designer Veejay Floresca, who opted to dress the Iloilo-native in a pink dress accented with hanbok-inspired sleeves.

In one of her earlier shoots for the Miss U pageant, Mateo wore a blue ensemble from Paris couture designer Marc Rancy, which accentuates her toned midriff.

In a statement, Rancy described how he conceptualized the look and how Mateo embodies his image of Goddess Mayari – who is the Goddess of Strength and Revolution in Filipino mythology. 

“Inspired by the Filipino Mythology. The daughter of Bathala. Mayari is the goddess of STRENGTH and REVOLUTION. The silhouette is a modern and sensual tale of a gladiator with the exposed corsetry as armor. Rabiya exudes all the qualities of Mayari, her beauty is magnified because of her strong will to overcome life’s obstacles with unyielding finesse,” he explained.

In her latest transformation, Mateo sported a red leather dress from designer Mara Chua – inspired by Greek Goddess Athena. 

“Athena, goddess of war, wisdom, and craft,” the caption read. 

Now that the pageant is creeping ever closer, Mateo urged fans to put their energy and support to good use, specifically for the pageant’s scored events. Aside from this, she also reminded fans to always stay positive and ‘have the right mindset’ in any situation.

“I know for most of the fans, you want to have ‘pasabog’ every day – to be always at your best! Well, I do understand as I myself was a fan back then. But now, you really need to contain your energy and to put that at the right place. Sa scored competitions, in scored events, just pour your heart out, just excel and you will do well. Again, having the right mindset will separate you from the rest,” Mateo shared in a Facebook live interview with Olivia Quido-Co.

After a week in Los Angeles, Mateo has flown to Miami, Florida for the next leg of the competition. She’s expected to compete against 70 candidates from countries around the world for the 69th Miss Universe pageant crown.

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Image credit: Rabiya Mateo’s Official Instagram Page