Grab has renewed its pledge to help partners and underprivileged communities in South East Asia through its new initiative – the GrabForGood Fund. 

“Since our founding, Grab has been dedicated to our mission of creating economic empowerment for everyone in Southeast Asia,” Grab Group CEO and co-founder Anthony Tan said in a statement.

The GrabForGood Fund was unveiled early this April, aiming to provide long-term support to people who rely on Grab’s services for employment, specifically merchant, delivery, and driver associates.

“The GrabForGood Fund will be a key pillar of our efforts to uplift Grab partners and our broader community, and represents a meaningful next step in our long-term commitment to Southeast Asia,” Tan explained.

Besides this, the ride-hailing company also intends to support numerous programs focused on education, environmental issues, and financial assistance for underserviced communities.

“We’re planning to introduce other programs that will provide the foundation for social and economic mobility, and give more people access to opportunities to upgrade and improve their lives. Our aspiration is to create a lasting positive impact in every country we operate in,” Tan shared.

Most important of all, Grab’s newest community program will help in bringing COVID-19 vaccines to areas without access to it. 

“The GrabForGood Fund will commence immediate work on meeting the urgent need for COVID-19 vaccines, where it’s not easily available,” Tan declared.

In the Philippines alone, the company has launched several initiatives aimed at keeping its partners protected and supported from difficulties brought about by the pandemic. 

It includes the Madiskarteng Boss Club, an initiative designed to help Filipino business owners and sellers grow by connecting them to more customers. 

Apart from this, they’ve also put into action GrabProtect – a service that provides free RT-PCR testing for drivers and delivery partners.

So far, Grab has pooled in $275 million in funding for the new initiative.

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Image credit: Samsul Said / Bloomberg via Getty Images