Filipino professional pool players Jeffrey De Luna and Roberto Gomez are set to team up against the world’s best cue artists at this year’s World Cup of Pool in England. 

The competition will be held at the Stadium Milton Kaynes commencing on May 9 and is scheduled to last until May 14. 

Partners De Luna and Gomez, a former world championship runner-up, will face off against thirty-two countries in the tournament – with the winning team receiving a $60,000 cash prize or P2.9 million.

To win, the duo will have to overcome top teams – Russia’s Fedor Gorst and Sergey Lutsker, Greece’s Nick Malai and Alexander Kazakis, Italy’s Daniele Corrieri and Fabio Petroni, Switzerland’s Ronald Regli and Dimitri Djungo, and reigning champions from Austria Albin Ouschan and Mario He.

Other countries participating in the competition include Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Canada, and others. 

De Luna and Gomez are under a lot of pressure to take this year’s crown for the Philippines – the country already has three crowns under its belt and a fourth one will cement the country as a record-breaking powerhouse. 

The country last won the title back in 2013 with the pairing of Dennis Orcollo and Lee Vann Corteza. The lineup of Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes and Francisco ‘Django’ nabbed the crown two times – in 2006 and 2009.

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Image credit: Jay Directo / AFP via Getty Images