Forbes’ 30 Under 30 is a list that many countries in Asia look forward to every year – including the Philippines.

For our country, the 2021 list is no exception. However, what makes things better this time around is that eight Filipinos have been featured in this year’s roster of influential individuals.

Forbes’ much-awaited list was released on Tuesday (April 20), calling attention to leading Filipino individuals in their respective fields, specifically in categories like music, business, research, photography, and environmental activism.

To give you a better idea of who they are, check out the list below.

Entertainment Category: Guendoline Rome Viray Gomez

Gomez performs under the stage name ‘No Rome.’ He’s the first-ever Filipino to perform in Coachella, which he accomplished back in 2019. He performed his hit single “Narcissist” at the festival, which featured brit-pop band The 1975. His song has since racked up 12 million streams on YouTube. 

Media, Marketing, and Advertising Category: Rexy Josh Dorado

Dorado is the co-founder of the leading social media app Kumu. Since its inception back in 2018, the platform has grown its user base to 6 million people – who regularly perform live streams. 

Social Impact Category: Angela Chen and Aurelien Chu

Chu and Chen are the founders of Eskwelabs, an ed-tech startup in Manila providing virtual courses to underserved communities in the country. Since its launch in 2019, the company has helped 3,000 individuals find better employment opportunities.

Social Impact Category: Ryan Gersava 

In the same category is Gersava – who founded Virtualahan. The organization aims to help break down employment barriers for people with disabilities and recovering drug addicts, by way of providing training for opportunities that can be done remotely. 

Finance and Venture Capital Category: Carmina Bayombong 

Bayombong founded InvestEd – a company that provides educational loans to students. The company was launched in 2016 and is focusing its efforts on helping financially disadvantaged youth in the Philippines.

Healthcare and Science Category: Edward Christopher Dee

Dee is a researcher for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute – with a focus on providing better care for the disadvantaged in the Philippines. Last year, he served in the country’s COIVD-19 task force, combating fake news about the virus. 

The Arts Category: Gab Mejia 

Mejia, who’s a photographer, focuses his time on raising awareness of indigenous communities and the environment through his photos. He’s been featured on National Geographic, United Nations Development Programme, and the World Wide Fund for Nature. In 2019, he was awarded a filmmaking fellowship by the Jackson Wild Media Lab – an award-giving body equal to the Oscars in the photography world. 

According to Forbes editor Rana Wehbe Watson, they sifted through 2,500 nominations for this year’s list. She shared that they featured a total of 300 individuals for this year’s roster – under ten different categories. 

She notes that this year’s list highlights achievements made during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has devastated the lives of many. 

“After the toughest year in their generation, these 300 Millennials and Gen Zs have persevered to survive and even thrive despite long lockdowns, restricted travel and uncertainties on all fronts,” Watson said. 

“Most continued to grow their businesses and adapt to the changes brought about by the pandemic, while a few have even dared to start their ventures in the middle of crisis, spotting opportunities where others see obstacles,” she added.

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Image credit: Forbes’ Official Website