When it comes to weddings, brides and grooms make it a point to look their best. It’s an extra special occasion between two people – who promise to be together through thick and thin.

And that’s what newlyweds Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano had in mind when they shared “I dos” during their intimate wedding ceremony at The Farm in Lipa City, Batangas.

The now husband and wife revealed their marriage on Easter Sunday (April 4) through Mendiola’s personal YouTube channel. The announcement was accompanied by a video of the couple’s wedding – that featured footage of their preparations as well as the reading of their vows.

However, another aspect of the wedding that netizens took notice of was the couple’s wedding garbs. Mendiola stunned in a classic white wedding dress by Patricia Santos while Manzano opted for a more unconventional attire with an old rose suit.

Manzano’s outfit gained even more attention on social media after the actor urged fans and trolls alike to meme-ify his likeness through a photo he posted on his Facebook page.

Gawan niyo ng ng meme! Bilis! 😂😂😂

Posted by Lucky Manzano on Monday, April 5, 2021

If you’re just as invested in this as we are, here’s 5 interesting facts about Manzano’s meme-ified pink look:

It was created by menswear designer Paulo Lazaro.

If you’re wondering who designed Manzano’s pink suit, then you don’t have to look anywhere else. The artistic mind behind the 39-year-old’s now-iconic pink ensemble is Manila-based designer Paulo Lazaro. 

Lazaro specializes in menswear – boasting a large clientele, which includes the likes of James Reid, Daniel Padilla, and Alden Richards.

Fittings and consultations for the suit were done online.

As we all know, weddings are busy affairs – more so if it’s during a pandemic. That’s exactly what happened during the creation of Manzano’s custom double-breasted suit, Lazaro says. 

“A custom suit requires a lot of physical and close contact with the client to make sure the fit of the suit is perfect. Since we need to find ways to adapt to the new normal, we thought of new ways like doing the consultation and fittings via online,” Lazaro told Manila Bulletin Lifestyle

Besides its color scheme, the suit’s design was a bold choice.

Lazaro says the color scheme of Manzano’s suit wasn’t the only thing unusual about it. According to him, the market leans more toward the ‘effectiveness’ and ‘simplicity’ of the single-breasted suit.

Taking this into account, Manzano’s choice can be considered gutsy – which proved to be a great decision in the end.

The color of the suit symbolizes Manzano’s ever-evolving image.

According to Manzano’s long-time stylist, Rex Atienza, the decision to have the groom’s suit in pink was inspired by the changing attitude toward men’s style. 

“Lately we’ve been exploring with different styles, including color. Part of his evolving image as a host and as an endorser to many brands, we make sure he is keeping up with the times,” Atienza explained in an interview with ANCX.

It was designed with the wedding venue and ceremony in mind.

Atienza said it was him that requested Lazaro to design Manzano’s suit, which consisted of three separate pieces. He shared that it was made from Gucci silk and was complemented with a beige tie and similarly colored pocket squares. To complete the look, Manzano sported a classic pair of shoes from Paul Smith in the color burgundy.

According to him, he wanted something that would be perfect for the venue and ceremony. 

“I thought of an outfit that would be perfect for the venue and time of the ceremony. The weather and the sky were both perfect; it wasn’t too hot,” Atienza explained.

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Image credit: Luis Manzano’s Official Facebook Page