toktok, a homegrown and Philippine-based delivery service, has officially expanded its operations to Visayas and Mindanao. 

The service first gained traction when it was announced in August of last year – at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic where people opted to have groceries and other essentials delivered door-to-door at the comfort of their homes. 

The app officially launched three months after and became operational in Metro Manila. 

It was developed by Cloud Panda Philippines’ (PH) President Jonathan So and Vice President Carlito Macadangdang. 

According to the tandem of So and Macadangdang, they saw the potential of offering such a service after quarantines and lockdowns were imposed in different areas of the Philippines by the government, which left people unable to go out on their own to buy necessities. 

So and Macadangdang note that toktok, at its core, is “a delivery service made by Filipinos for Filipinos.”

In a statement, the company said “the app was made to help provide extra income for everyone.” They add that it will provide employment to Filipinos struggling to earn during the pandemic. 

Besides being a delivery rider, people can also apply as online franchisees. Through this, they can earn at home. 

In light of their service expansion, the company said they’re now accepting applications for riders and franchisees based in Visayas and Mindanao. 

Those interested can download the app free of charge on the Play Store, for Android users, and the App Store, for iOS users.

Since its launch, the delivery service has amassed a massive customer base of 200,000 and has employed 40,000 riders, particularly in Metro Manila and areas of Luzon. 

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