The Philippines is on its way to breaching 700,000 in COVID-19 cases today (March 26), according to a data analytics expert. 

In an interview with ANC’s Headstart, ABS-CBN Data Analytics head Edson Guido warned that with the current trend of new COVID-19 infections, it’s not impossible for coronavirus cases in the Philippines to be at an all-time high. 

He notes that it’s likely that we’ll see the total number of active cases in the country reach the 100,000 mark. 

“For today, it’s possible we’ll see another record high. Like what I said in previous interviews, we usually see a decline every Tuesday and Wednesday because these were from the tests conducted over the weekend when some labs especially the private ones are closed and output tends to be lower. The dip that we saw the other day was just merely a function of lower testing. But overall, in terms of expectations, it’s likely that we’ll breach 700,000 total cases and 100,000 active cases on the same day today,” 

Furthermore, Guido says things are also projected to worsen as this week’s total, alone, surpassed the total cases recorded in the last four months.

“For the past 4 months, we’re seeing a range of 42,000 to 51,000, that’s for one whole month. But if we look at the numbers, these past weeks, that’s from March 19 to 25, Department of Health (DOH) already reported more than 52,000. Imagine, the weekly total has already surpassed the 4 previous monthly totals. So that’s how bad the recent numbers are,” Guido stressed.

Guido says the increase in cases is alarming and is worsened by the consistent rise in new infections.

“Just yesterday, we set a new record but if you look at the numbers the second to fifth highest daily tallies were also reported in the past week. What we’re seeing is one record high after another,” he remarked.

Guido ascribes the rise in new COVID-19 cases to a ‘confluence of factors,’ which includes an increase in mobility and the presence of new transmissible variants.

“In mid-February, we saw an increase in mobility, which happened at the worst possible time because that’s when the more transmissible variants were detected in the country,” he said. 

On Thursday, the DOH recorded an 8,773 daily increase in COVID-19 infections, which brings the total number of infections in the country to 693, 048.

As part of its COVID-19 response to curb new infections, the Philippine Government’s Inter-Agency Task Force on the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-MEID) released a memorandum last March 21, which sees Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal put under a general community quarantine ‘bubble’ starting March 22 until April 4.

You can watch the full interview below.

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